So you have the right job picked out. Now it's time to make sure you walk into the interview with confidence and out of the interview with certainty.

Get resources for advanced interview techniques, how to prepare a better resume, and what to do before and after the interview to beat your competition.

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4 Steps to Closing Your Next Interview Like A Pro

You may have read interview prep materials that suggest asking for the job,  but clearly they don’t mean, “So, did I get the job?” or “When can I start?”--baldly asking if you can have the job, but the point that is often missed with that tip is one that every salesperson knows well:  Until a prospect reveals the truth about wha

Learn Your DISC Profile to Improve Communication

This week we thought we’d share some insight on one of the best ways we’ve found to improve the effectiveness of our work communication. If you ever visited our offices (you know the corner office with the view of the shrubbery), you might hear such remarks as “You’re a high I” or, “he’s totally a high C.”  According to the DISC personality assessment, the “I” stands for someone that is friendly, outgoing, and talkative—or as Mr.

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The Ultimate Way to Ask Questions in Your Next Interview

A great interview will feel like a conversation and will flow back and forth well, helping the interviewer to feel comfortable that they will work well with the person being interviewed.

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The First 10 Minutes of the Interview Matter Most

The biggest mistake interviewees make is waiting to be interviewed.  Most people sitting for an interview expect that the interview is a time for the interviewer to ask questions and the interviewee to respond.  Although it is important to respect that this is the interviewer's meeting, waiting for the interview to happen to you is a huge mistake.

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4 Key Steps to Prepare to Win Your Next Interview

Down goes FrasierThere are a million things that could be done to prepare for an interview, but most of the interview preparation articles I read focus on what I would call “Interview 101” and fail to address the critical s

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A Better Resume: Evidence of Your Work Performance

Employers value results and getting things done, and it’s important that your resume speaks to your experience and provides evidence that you are a results-oriented producer in the workplace.

...because who you work with matters.