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We’ve literally interviewed thousands of candidates, and we’d like to share what we’ve learned to help you make the right choice. Evaluating talent starts with the right candidate, but finding a great fit for your team requires a commitment to the best hiring process possible. The below articles provide some of the practices we use to identify, compete for, and evaluate talent. Please join in the conversation and create a login to post your comments.

Who Do I Know: How LinkedIn Can Help You Find Your Next Great Employee

Whenever a new position opens up on their team, a good manager always asks themselves, “Who do I know?”  Of course our first thought would be to go with someone familiar, perhaps even someone we’ve worked with successfully in the past.  Many of us may even take the step of sending an email or making a call or two to people we know who could connect us with someone to hire.  Unfortunately, we often stop at a couple emails because we don’t get the results and our daily responsibilities pull us in different directions and we can “delegate” that task and get it off our plate by calling our HR d

Prove It: An Interview Strategy

This brief article focuses on the importance of digging for evidence of results from the candidates we interview

...because who you work with matters.