It’s tough to call anything true in this skeptical age, so we don’t use the phrase lightly.  The graph you see was created from employment data released by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  The story the graph tells is the reason we’re in business and the reason you may find yourself in need of a recruiter, especially if you work in Federal Healthcare IT in Maryland.

It’s a comparison of the national employment picture and the Federal Healthcare IT market in Maryland.  The larger economy and the micro-economy of technology here in MD are vastly different and as the accountants like to remind us, “the numbers don’t lie.”  Nationally, employment in the U.S. has started to climb since it's preciptous drop beginning in 2007.  Remember when unemployment went from 5% to 10%+ in less than a year?  That's the blue line falling you see.  Contrasting that with data about employment in Maryland, which is in Red, Black & Yellow, it's easy to see that in Maryland employment in the Computer Systems & Design Services has consistently risen, driven by growth in the Healthcare and Federal employment sectors.  In fact, it never stopped rising and has now risen over 26% since the beginning of the recession.

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The Details

The graph you see was created from publicly available employment data produced by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics and I made no modifications to the data except to index the values to January 2007 for comparison against each other.

The blue line represents the employment trend nationally for all jobs except farming jobs, which are seasonal and would only skew the numbers relative to the season.  This Non-Farm employment is a standard employment number used by the Department of Labor to measure national employment trends accurately and in January 2007, we had 137,067,000 non-farm jobs in America.  By November 2010, we had lost almost 7 million of those jobs, leaving us with 130,539,000, a loss of 5.1% of our employment nationally.  As you can see, national employment numbers now reach above where the were in 2007, which is promising for both American workers and employers, but not nearly the competitive landscape for staff we see in Maryland Healthcare IT.

Working in the technology industry in Maryland was a much different picture, as growth has remained consistent.  Since January 2007, the number of jobs in Computer Systems Design & Services in Maryland has risen over 26% from 56,500 to 71,600.  That percentage increase is represented by the black line.  While the rest of the country was mired in job losses, technology professionals in Maryland have seen improvement in their job prospects year after year, even in a recession! 

The two other colored lines tell us where much of the hiring for technology professionals is happening in Maryland; it’s been in support of the Healthcare Industry and Federal government agencies.  During the same period since January 2007, Healthcare employment and employment at Federal agencies in Maryland increased 21% and 17%, respectively.  That employment is represented by the red line and the yellow line, respectively.

This is the reality of the IT employment picture in Maryland as it compares to what was heard on the news about the “jobless recovery.”  If we can help you compete for this highly demanded group of IT professionals, please give us a call at 410-319-9808 or Contact Us Now.


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