Our mission is to help our clients win by building the best team of people possible.  Whatever your goals are, being surrounded by the right motivated people makes all the difference.  Who you work with really does matter.  There are all kinds of people who value “winning!” and that includes some who are undeserving of our respect.  It is our values that make the difference in who we are as individuals and as a company.
We are proud to be recruiters.  
We recognize that the type of competition we do on our clients’ behalf is seen by some as aggressive and that our attempts to attract talent from our clients’ competitors is something those competitors find unwelcome.  Recruiting is a worthwhile profession, but there are many recruiters who have sullied the reputation of our work.  We understand that it may not seem the nicest thing to do to recruit somebody else’s employees to do our clients’ work, but it can be done well and with integrity.
We value Trustworthiness.
We clear all candidates before representing them to our clients, we are careful to make sure that what we say about a position, company, or candidate is true.  We are discreet with both candidates and customers, since we recognize that human resource and staffing decisions are some of the most serious and sensitive that an organization will make.
We are Selective.
We only send candidates who are worth our clients’ time, we ask candidates to demonstrate their capabilities so we know more about them than just the resume provides, we pay attention to the details of our candidates’ interactions with us to assist in an evaluation of their work behaviors, and we only work with companies and decision-makers who value the retention and development of their employees.
We help you Win.
We provide valuable and competitive talent, we ask questions about both our clients’ and candidates’ goals and needs to find the right fit, not just to match a job description to a resume.  We present candidates with options for employment at companies that impress and we add value to our candidates with insightful advice for how to win the job they want.  We add value to customers by educating them on how to attract and compete for talent and helping both parties to come up with an equitable deal in the end.
If you’d like to see what a difference these values make, call us today at 410-319-9808 or Contact Us Now and let us know how we can help.
RIGHT Resources. . . because who you work with matters.
...because who you work with matters.